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Trusting The Best Choice

PLATFORM 24 is a practical IT Support associate located in Sydney that concentrates on hardware, maintenance, software, administration, and, support. Through our associations with few of Australia’s top vendors and dealers along with managing your direct web, we can also suggest assisting services such as Telephony and Internet.


Employing a company, we initiated out servicing the requires of small businesses all the way the Sydney CBD and Inner West where full time IT aid couldn’t be defensible. While these corporations were minor, we were capable to provide a broad rank of technical expertise permitting them to grow and handling their IT systems inexpensively. As our business expands, we grew our team and currently, PLATFORM 24 is capable to provide a lot extra than just your normal break-fix support.

 Platform 24 currently has the litheness to meet the IT outsourcing in Sydney needs of businesses small and large. We assist a full cover of facilities from the connection of hardware to starting networks and realising high-level security actions. In addition to implementing our suggested systems we can likewise take over the provision of pre-existing schemes and both will be roofed by our active support approach taking you away from the prices and indecision of a break-fix idea.

 All our expert teams are devoted IT professionals who are outgoing and capable of tapping the needs of your commercial first while also constructing a bond with you plus your staff that agrees with a high level of the statement. Communication is vital for us to correctly comprehend your needs and you will be satisfied with all our provided services. We are present close to you. The best way is that our team is just one step away from you. You can approach them anytime. They know your language and being native has a better understanding of your problem. They tell you about all your problems and solutions.


If you trip a business needful on computers – along with a hybrid cloud you will not be hitting the rock bottom. Hybrid cloud is in connection with the fastest-growing business and local server with 24/7 service, flexibility, and redundancy.  We provide the flexibility of hours and at your service all the time.  We understand the work and easily work with technology based on the cloud. Such tech is used for running small applications that demand to be moved.

 All the backup data is provided, and the details are saved here. you need not worry about anything. There are added benefits of off-site backup.

The secured data always serve you, we the team of professionals is always here to suggest best IT solutions in all kind of situations. Let’s promote your businesses via associating with IT.