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Renovate Your Existing Homes

Building a new home is expensive, but you need not to worry as you can now turn your existing home to a new one with some thoughtful renovations by Habitat Additions. In addition to the cost of buying a new home, the process of shifting homes is quite laborious and more so if you have to do it with children. It takes time to adjust and familiarize in a space before it becomes your home and shifting homes is therefore not easy, you leave behind friends and family. If you have done that before you know how it feels, and if you are thinking of doing it, then you have an alternative option to think of.

Instead of selling your home and shifting elsewhere while you construct your new custom home in mandurah, all you have to do is get it renovated and that’s it. This simple act saves up on your time, money and effort. But for this you need someone who is an expert at utilizing spaces to the best of their use, giving attention to the minute of detail and none other than Habitat Addition can do this for you. So whether it is just an additional bathroom that needs to be constructed, an office space at home, a separate space for laundry, a few bedrooms at the top floor or a studio for your art work, or anything else that your require, the team at Habitat Additions will do it for you.

A guarantee you’ll find no where

It might seem odd to you when you first hear it, but the truth is that all construction projects under Habitat Additions have a six year time for warranty, within which if anything that needs repair or replacement, they will do it for you. A feature that no other builder or construction company provides for their service. This also proves that the homes built or renovated by Habitat Additions surely have best quality material used and it will last a lifetime if nothing less. Now you can surely trust them with your home renovations and let the work begin!

How do they do it?

Each builder or construction company has their own way of approaching a project, but when it comes to making homes, it is extremely important that input and ideas of those that have to reside in should be valued and incorporated. And the team at Habitat Additions lays special attention to this. If you have some idea be is vague, you can discuss it with their team, the color palate you want, whether you want paint on bathroom walls or tiles, if you want a wooden counter top in the kitchen or a marble. All these decisions can be made with guidance of the experts. This way your home will at the end of the day will reflect your personal sense of style and taste and not that of the builders. And all this is done within you budget.