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Reasons For Setting A Trap For The Birds

This world comprises of so many creatures, some are wild and some are so cute and gentle that one cannot even think of harming them. Almighty has created beautiful creatures for the beautification of the world. It has been established through research that human beings are still unable to understand and explore all the breeds available for example: there are so many breeds living on the earth and human beings are still unaware of so many of them. Talking about creatures brings us to the topic of birds, as they are considered as the most important ones for the well-being and beautification of the world. It is hard to capture birds, previously in stone ages they used to captivate the birds (no matter alive or dead) in order to feed themselves. Certainly there are some other reasons to nowadays for which they human beings capture the birds. 

Ornithology: precisely it is easier to kill the birds and capture them, but very difficult to trap them alive. Anything which flies cannot be caught that easily right! Ornithology is a field (branch) of Zoology which is designated to conduct research on the birds for instance: nature, reproduction system, nature, vital statistics and everything about the birds. Ornithology is something related to deep down study about the nature of birds. One of the reason why bird netting are set is ornithology, for research obviously the life of birds are important hence the nature of the traps are not fatal and serve the purpose of captivating only and not killing. Moreover, behavior of ecology and other related disciplines are learned during the process of ornithology.

Business: certainly selling and buying of birds is a lucrative business these days, when people try to capture these beautiful birds and sell them for earning, as a result again non-fatal bird control spikes solve the purpose. There are some countries where buying and selling of the birds are illegal, as result penalties have been assigned to constraint the same. Still people are indulging themselves in such activities. Majorly underdeveloped and poor countries find this whole activity quite promising. Furthermore, pet shop owners also buy from normal hawkers who trap the birds and then sell them in local/steps challenge.

Photography: Another major reason of capturing the birds is photography. It happens mostly that photographers don’t get the exact pose and click with proper lighting at the same time, hence the need to capture the birds arises. Award winning photographers sometime have to practice capturing the birds for the sake of photography.

All in all there are numerous reasons to capture birds, not just ornithology and business purpose but other reasons too are involved in the same.